The Lancaster Patriot 10/23/2020 Press Release

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For Immediate Release.  Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us at  Thank you again for your support!

The Lancaster Patriot started this year as an online newspaper with intentions to go to print. The idea was to provide the conservative population of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with a local news media outlet. In the first few months of operations, The Lancaster Patriot broke stories and media content that was and is being carried on national outlets and by notable leaders in the conservative movement, including Fox News, Michelle Malkin, and others.

 Several weeks ago, LNP (Lancaster Online) ran a story identifying an unpaid, volunteer editor that had been doing freelance work for The Lancaster Patriot as someone who, was an “alt right” podcaster. The Lancaster Patriot was unaware of this individual’s connections to this movement when originally working with him and have since parted ways.  LNP (Lancaster Online) continued to publish reckless stories claiming that some vague white supremacist group is behind our reporting, which is untrue.  More shockingly, and in a gross deviation from appropriate journalistic practices, LNP (Lancaster Online) promoted the practice of doxing private individuals and businesses, going so far as to have their reporter(s) call them and harass them for supporting a “white supremacist owned company.”

 This only needs to be said once so it can be cleared up permanently: The Lancaster Patriot is not backed by nor supportive of any white supremacist or anti-sematic group or cause.

 The Lancaster Patriot is now hearing from LNP (Lancaster Online), for the first time, that their website template may have be used by a Russian group; and that work on their site, which was outsourced through connections by an unpaid freelance editor, may have been subcontracted to someone in Russia. Suffice to say, The Lancaster Patriot is all American, is not controlled by anyone in Russia, and does not have ties to anyone in Russia, or any Russian connections that may live in the United States.

 The goal of The Lancaster Patriot is not to sway elections or support political parties, it has always been to support the community with accurate and conservative news. Lancaster is a county with a centuries-old commitment to free press, and The Lancaster Patriot would still love to provide a voice that is dedicated to reporting weekly news.  Although our staff has been overwhelmed with dealing with these absurd claims the last month, we look forward to getting back to what we love: full time publishing and reporting on the stories that matter to the conservative community of Lancaster County.  We know the people of Lancaster County do not care who designed the template on our website or the other nonsense we’ve been accused of; we know you do care about unbiased reporting focused on fiscal and social responsibility.

So, stay tuned for our next press release!  In the meantime, if you have any tips you would like to pass along or are interested in working with The Lancaster Patriot- please email us!  We look forward to hearing what you have to say Lancaster County.

The Lancaster Patriot

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