Calling all Reporters, Journalists, Editors and Writers!

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Calling all Reporters, Journalists, Editors and Writers!

Looking for your first newspaper reporting job, or your next challenge in print media?

The Lancaster Patriot, a brand-new, weekly newspaper focusing solely on the interests of Lancaster County, PA, is searching for a few truly exceptional people to join our team as we prepare to launch. These individuals will help us in our mission to provide our community with committed local journalism that is truthful, ethical and investigative. The Lancaster Patriot is dedicated to presenting the truth in an honest, unbiased manner, with intentional focus on maintaining Christian integrity. We cover the news without fear or favor, always locally focused and always committed to core conservative Christian principles.

While we prefer applicants with reporting chops (and ideally a degree), if you can demonstrate that you can write and have the aptitude and/or experience to be an asset to the Lancaster Patriot team, we’re ready to give you a chance. So, home schoolers, students, and professionals alike, we want to hear from you!

Additionally, you must be deadline-driven and have effective time management and organizational skills. All field reporters will also need to take publishable photos.

We are seeking those who run toward the news, who can meet the pace and chaos of the news cycle with a clear head, and whose curiosity pushes them past headlines and talking points. Our journalism must illuminate complex issues, hold power to account and connect audiences with county life.

Applicants should:

  • Be local to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  • Have first-rate reporting and writing skills
  • Be able to analyze and interpret news events
  • Be comfortable with writing news, features and alternative story formats
  • Be able to write effective headlines
  • Be social-media savvy
  • Have an innovative mentality
  • Have excellent organizational and time-management skills
  • Have great people skills

To apply:

Interested? To apply, contact us at and submit a cover letter, resume and writing samples.

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