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Letter from the Publisher

Dear Readers,

I want to be the first to welcome you to The Lancaster Patriot, a newspaper dedicated to honest journalism and truthful reporting in Lancaster County. My name is Jen Stoltzfus, the publisher here at The Lancaster Patriot. Just like many of you, I have felt a sense of…

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Calling all Reporters, Journalists, Editors and Writers!

Looking for your first newspaper reporting job, or your next challenge in print media?

The Lancaster Patriot, a brand-new, weekly newspaper focusing solely on the interests of Lancaster County, PA, is searching for a few truly exceptional people to join our team as we prepare to launch. These individuals will…

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Life, Liberty, and Property | John Bingaman

Editor’s Note: The Lancaster Patriot welcomes a conversation from all voices, and we’re finding more and more talented opinion writers across Lancaster County and Central PA. Send your submissions to info@thelancasterpatriot.com


Wha ??  Don’t you mean “the Pursuit of Happiness?” 

Well, no.  What was originally written by…