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Miller’s Organic Farm: Fighting for Sustainability

It’s the height of summer, and Amos Miller has much on his mind as he surveys the bounty of the land.

The Upper Leacock Amish farmer and proprietor of Miller’s Organic Farm thinks about the field of hay he must bale before an impending thunderstorm arrives. He studies his herd…

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Defending 14C From Eradication

Over the past decade, the Employment First movement has made substantial progress in the country. While it encourages the participation of more people with disabilities in the competitive workforce, it also curtails too many opportunities for individuals with more severe disabilities. In 1986, the Fair Labor Standards Act was amended…

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Work Begins on First Section of the ‘Goat Path’

Construction on a portion of the fabled Lancaster County “goat path” kicked off on Monday as crews started the $22 million project in East Lampeter Township.

York-based Kinsley Construction began work on the Walnut Street Extension Project, conducting concrete roadway widening and median replacement on Route 23 between the eastbound…

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Parkhill Jewelry Thrives on Customer Service

Parkhill Jewelry has been serving the Lancaster County area in a variety of ways and locations for over 30 years, and its current storefront is located in Ephrata. Although the small building can be easy to pass over compared to its more historic neighbors on old Main Street, the full-service…

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School Controversies Front and Center in New Community Group

More than 100 turned out last week for the inaugural meeting of a new community group seeking transgender student rights in school, increased access to early childhood education and funding equity among school districts in the county.

The Public Education Advocates of Lancaster County (PEAL), made up of several community…

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The Benefits 14C Provides to the Disabled Community

Going to work has often been viewed as mere drudgery, but after pandemic lockdowns forced so many people to stay at home because the government deemed their work “nonessential,” our society has developed a new appreciation for having a job to go to. A job can give people structure in…

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5G Ordinance Approved in Lancaster Township

Residents of Lancaster Township were unsuccessful earlier this month in their attempt to add a series of health and safety provisions to an ordinance related to the installation of 5G technology in the township.

The Lancaster Township Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on July 11 to approve Ordinance 2022-01 –…