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About Us

The Lancaster Patriot is leading a Movement to restore truthful and ethical media in Lancaster County. Our goal is to provide local Lancastrians with an alternative to current news sources by delivering the news in an honest and ethical manner that is accurate and reliable and examines all sides of the issues. We seek to relay stories that matter to our local readers in the Lancaster County area and to publish articles that can be trusted by people from all walks of life.

Our Mission

The Lancaster Patriot is dedicated to local journalism that is truthful, ethical, and investigative: providing coverage without fear or favor, locally focused, and always committed to Christian principles and core traditional values.

Our Leadership and Team

Jen Stoltzfus, Publisher

The founder and owner of The Lancaster Patriot, Jen Stoltzfus was born with a tenacity and passion for succeeding, but a newspaper was never on her list of aspirations. However, as she became increasingly frustrated with mainstream media she became determined to make a change.

Born and raised in upstate New York she loves being outdoors and small town living. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and has worked in various hotels, restaurants, and retail operations that span five different states. She transferred her job to Lancaster county over 10 years ago with a local retailer, fell in love with everything Lancaster has to offer, and decided to stay.

Jen has been married to Dave for 10 years and together they reside in the heart of farm country in the southwest of the county. She is the mom of two incredible little boys who keep her busy. She enjoys hunting, homemaking, and reading historical Christian novels.

Dave Stoltzfus, Chief Executive Officer

Dave Stoltzfus is a self employed entrepreneur who sells products in North, Central, and South America. He grew up on a Lancaster County hog farm and learned the importance of hard work at an early age. He provides the role of CEO at The Lancaster Patriot and enjoys the fast paced atmosphere of the media world. Dave has been in the role of CEO since 2014 and has a proven track record in executive management. He is also actively involved in promoting the interests of several non-profit organizations and enjoys helping with audio-visual at his local church. Dave is an ardent outdoorsman and enjoys spending time out in the wilds of Pennsylvania.

Chris Hume, Managing Editor

Chris Hume joined The Lancaster Patriot in early 2022. He is responsible for overseeing customer service, sales, and content across all The Lancaster Patriot’s print and digital channels. Prior to The Lancaster Patriot, Chris worked in restaurant management, and before that he served in the U.S. Air Force. 

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Chris was converted to Christianity during college. He holds the MA degree in Literature from Clarks Summit University and the MBA degree from Wesley College. His undergraduate degree is in history. Chris currently resides in Lancaster County, with his wife and children. He is the author of the book, Vote Christian: Biblical Principles for Voting


Nathan Birx, Freelance Writer

Nathan Birx is a freelance writer who has found that writing consists primarily of staring at a blinking cursor. A relic of the pre-digital age with chronic curiosity, he spent hours of his childhood exploring his grandfather’s encyclopedias. He loves to research a subject, and he loves to fiddle with a final draft, but he’s discovered that, like gardening, writing takes organization, labor, and lots of weeding. Nathan has written articles for The Lancaster Patriot since March 2022.

Mary Ellen Caris, News Correspondent

Mary Ellen Caris has called Lancaster County home since 2010, relocating from Cleveland, Ohio. She is passionate about speaking the truth and exposing the darkness (cf. Ephesians 5:11) and is intent on helping bring Light to Pennsylvania through her work as a journalist. Mary Ellen earned a Marketing & International Business degree from Bowling Green State University. An outspoken advocate on behalf of the unborn since 1989, Mary Ellen resides in southern Lancaster County with her husband.

Kelly Barr, Local Reporter

Kelly Barr was born and raised in Lancaster County. As an experienced freelance writer, she has interviewed Christian authors, singers, and comedians, in addition to writing book reviews. She hopes to soon publish her own novel. After teaching creative writing for nearly two decades in the local homeschooling community, Kelly brought her writing skills to The Lancaster Patriot in early 2023.

Our Story

The Lancaster Patriot was founded in the summer of 2020 in response to the continual erosion of liberty and traditional values in our county. Our first printed copy was issued on March 23, 2021. Our founder and publisher, Jen Stoltzfus, and her husband Dave sought to create an alternative news media, committed to integrity and honesty. The media platform they created provided local Lancastrians with an alternative to current media sources during some dark times in the county. From the beginning of the newspaper, the Stoltzfus family has been dedicated to preserving traditional values and maintaining liberty in the name of Christ. The Lancaster Patriot is a privately held family-owned company, operating independently from the influence of government or political parties. Our highest allegiance is not to a corporation or group of politicians, but to the Truth. In the spring of 2023, the company discontinued print (after two years of weekly print issues) to readjust and focus on online content.

Our Worldview

No media company is without bias, and we are honest about ours: we believe in the truth, goodness, and beauty of the Christian worldview, and strive to live up to that standard in everything we do. In our reporting, we strive to tell the truth to our neighbors. In our commentary, we labor to subject every argument, policy, or political platform to the lordship of Christ. In our engagement with the culture and community, we endeavor to do good and expose evil.

News, Editorials, and Perspective Pieces

The Lancaster Patriot distinguishes news articles from editorials and/or perspective pieces. We recognize that different forms of journalism are important for a publication and strive to be transparent in how we label our articles, so readers know when we are reporting the news and when we are analyzing the news and applying our worldview. Articles in the “News” category (Lancaster News, PA News, National News, etc.) are strictly news and meant to report the facts. Reporting the facts, whether people agree with them or not, is central to The Lancaster Patriot’s mission. Articles in the “Perspectives” and “Faith” categories are pieces in which we seek to analyze and interpret the news and provide commentary. As with any media company, not every perspective piece represents the views of the publication.

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