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Lancaster Stands Up Is Not For ‘All of Us’

Julia Berkman-Hill, campaign manager for Izzy Smith-Wade-El, believes Lancaster Stands Up deserves a lot of credit these days.

“Hard to believe this would have been written without the concerted organizing by @lancstandsup and others. This is what it looks like to actually make ‘hate have no home here,’” she tweeted…

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Zama, Not Mastriano, Right About ‘Heartbeat Bills’

I applaud and appreciate Senator Doug Mastriano’s desire to end abortion, but his criticism of Nche Zama’s approach to ending abortion is mistaken.

In recent public appearances related to their campaign for Pennsylvania Governor, both Mastriano and Zama have addressed the abortion issue. While both men want abortion to end,…

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Bias in Newspapers and Media

The word “bias” carries with it a negative connotation today. We usually think of bias as an unfair favoring of one thing compared with another. But there are other nuances to the word, and it has not always been viewed negatively. In 1828, Noah Webster defined bias as “a leaning…