LNP Wants to Destroy Conservative Competition, Intimidate Advertisers | Trey Garrison

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Editor’s Note: This article was written by Norman Garrison III in October of 2020 in response to local news reporting. While Mr. Garrison is no longer editor-in-chief, The Lancaster Patriot feels Lancaster County deserves to hear his point of view and has decided to allow this post to remain on their website. We welcome any legitimate questions or constructive feedback in regard to Mr. Garrison.


A little more than a week ago, The Lancaster Patriot broke the story about Matthew Modderman, an LNP|lancasteronline staffer being among the dozen rioters arrested for felony rioting on Sept. 14.

In the past few days it has come to our attention that numerous different Lancaster News Paper (LNP) employees have contacted our advertisers in what we can only assume is an effort to bully them into refusing to do business with us.  LNP employees are attempting to do this by slandering our publication and staff.

LNP is also going to great lengths to undermine and destroy their fledging competition by seeking to find out who our backers, staffers and owners are.  In addition to this they are requesting information about what social and civic groups we are members of. 

In light of this attack we present to you these reprehensible facts so that you may judge for yourself what this means about LNP and their commitment to integrity, honesty, and the idea of free speech and a free press.

I am the editor-in-chief of The Lancaster Patriot, Trey Garrison.  Trey is the name my family dubbed me with as a boy, and I have stuck with it since I’m not fond of my handed down moniker Norman Garrison III.

Currently LNP is citing, as their “facts” in their intimidation campaign, a vicious smear from the extremist, left-wing group the Southern Poverty Law Center. They are claiming that I am a racist, homophobe, and a bigot – all the usual attacks they trot out to marginalize conservatives and Republicans, including many of you.

This smear was based on an edgy politics and humor podcast I used to appear on, where I imitated a “Frasier” style character while we discussed hot button topics and pushed the envelope with jokes. Out of more than 200 hours of content, SPLC dredged up about a half dozen comments and jokes, all taken out of context, as well as tweets from fan accounts, which fit their agenda.

So let me be clear – I am guilty of being all the things the modern left hates – a white, Christian, nationalist, pro-life, conservative, pro-gun, heterosexual male – but I am not a white supremacist, anti-Semitic or a bigot. That is not who I am, nor what The Lancaster Patriot is. You can clearly see the evidence of this in the more than six months of our news coverage and social media activity.

Of course, the modern left in general and the SPLC in particular considers Tucker Carlson a “white nationalist,” President Trump a “literal fascist,” and pro-life and pro-Christian organizations to be hate groups, so I suppose I’m in good company. That said, I regret where I may have crossed the line, only because it feeds the left-wing outrage machine. Everyone has said things in the past that can come back to haunt you and I am no exception.

LNP wishes to use these unfounded attacks on me to undermine what we are building with The Lancaster Patriot – an alternative, conservative and Christian media voice here in Lancaster County – that they see, rightly, as a threat to their monopoly on news and advertising. As such, they are using the tactics of a bully to show us how they do business.

Much of what the SPLC reported is untrue, unsourced, and baseless. We live in an era where the mainstream media engages in baseless opinion, where cancel culture is toxic, and doxing is a game, but you can judge for yourselves. I know that you will be able to see LNP for what they are and continue to support The Lancaster Patriot through this.  In an effort to provide full disclosure, we are providing the link to the post from the SPLC.

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