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Dear Readers,

I want to be the first to welcome you to The Lancaster Patriot, a newspaper dedicated to honest journalism and truthful reporting in Lancaster County. My name is Jen Stoltzfus, the publisher here at The Lancaster Patriot. Just like many of you, I have felt a sense of loss over the recent events that have been tearing our county, state and nation apart. It is my belief that the lack of fair and balanced reporting within Lancaster County has enhanced these problems and deepened the frustration many here have with our established media. The Lancaster Patriot was born out of that conviction and frustration. We exist to provide our readers with news that is current, honest and applicable to your life — the way news used to be.

As some of you may already be aware, The Lancaster Patriot has faced attacks from those who want to prevent competition and a challenge to their ideals. The two main accusations concern our supposed association with groups we do not condone or involve ourselves with in any way. Last fall, we worked with an unpaid, volunteer editor who was identified as an “alt-right” podcaster. The Lancaster Patriot was unaware of this individual’s connections to that movement when working with him, and we have since parted ways. The Lancaster Patriot is not, nor has ever been, backed by or supportive of any white supremacist, anti-semitic or racist group or cause. There were also accusations made regarding our website template having been used by a Russian group and suggesting that work done on our site (which was outsourced to the connections of an unpaid freelance editor) may have been subcontracted to someone in Russia. Suffice to say, The Lancaster Patriot is all-American, is not controlled by or associated with anyone in Russia, and does not have ties to any Russian connections that may live in the United States.

The goal of The Lancaster Patriot has always been to support our community with accurate and conservative news. We know Lancaster is a county with a centuries-old commitment to free press, and The Lancaster Patriot is committed to providing an outlet for reporting conservative weekly news. We know the people of Lancaster County do not care about unsubstantiated rumors and the efforts to connect us to movements we do not support; we know you do care about truthful reporting focused on fiscal and social responsibility.

Within our pages you will find an intentional focus on Lancaster County, with local news and stories that do not appear anywhere else. We know that most of you are getting your state, national and world news from credible sources, and we do not want to work against those outlets. We have chosen to offer our newspaper in print rather than in digital format because we believe it is an important way for Lancastrians to reconnect offline. We want to help you step away from the computer and see what is happening off-screen. We want people to have dialogue about the news again. We want you to be able to talk with your family about the headlines they see on the kitchen table. As a result, our online content will not be as robust as our print newspaper, and we will not charge for access to our online content. We have chosen to provide you with the most essential news for free to help you enjoy Lancaster County to the fullest.

In the pages of our newspaper, we are proud to offer our readers a faith section as well as sections devoted to local business, local recreation, our seniors and our veterans. We also provide games, puzzles and comics for your entertainment. We have chosen to forgo the traditional editorial section after witnessing months of hateful and divisive editorial commentary by local media. We know you do not need to be told how we feel about an issue, so instead of writing opinion pieces and publishing letters to the editor, we urge you to get involved in your community. We welcome any letters you feel led to send, and we may occasionally publish a letter, but only those that are respectful.

For those of you interested in who is running The Lancaster Patriot, I have been a Lancastrian for 13 years, making my home in southwestern Lancaster County. I am originally from upstate New York and can fully appreciate the myriad influences a large city can have on rural communities. I am married to an incredibly talented local small business owner who, like many of you, has struggled through the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been blessed with a delightful young son. I am an animal lover, gardener and proud “successful” hunter, and I raise tiny dinosaurs. I believe in God, family and the right to bear arms. I still believe in the America many of you fought to preserve for us and future generations, and I firmly believe in the freedoms this country was founded on.

Now that you know all about The Lancaster Patriot, we look forward to hearing what you have to say, Lancaster County! Don’t be shy — we are always interested in covering the stories that matter to you, in a format that is easy to understand and read. Reach out to us with any tips, frustrations, suggestions or stories. As always, if you are interested in working with The Lancaster Patriot, we want to hear from you. No formal experience required — just a passion for writing honestly, ethically, and conservatively.

Welcome to The Lancaster Patriot family! We hope you enjoy this journey as much as we will.

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  • Image of Faye Reynolds
    Faye Reynolds on March 19, 2021

    This is great! I am so excited! How can I subscribe to this paper! Was just ask to renew the Lancaster Newspaper. WAS not happy to do this as I would only read the front page, weddings, obits and to get the store ads! I am not anxious to renew because of all of the liberal bias in the Commentary pages and do not wish to support such garbage! Again, where can I subscribe??

    • Image of Jen Stoltzfus
      Jen Stoltzfus on March 20, 2021

      Hello Ms. Reynolds- Thank you for your kind words, we are pretty excited too. You may subscribe by clicking the red person reading the newspaper at the very top right of our website, where it says subscribe to the newspaper. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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