Food Freedom

A free society would allow farmers and homesteaders to sell their products to their neighbors (near and far), without government regulation and interference. Loving our neighbors includes providing them with healthy food options. Local farmer Amos Miller is just one example of someone being targeted by the government because his customers prefer his food over federally “approved” meat, often from multi-billion-dollar meat operations.

8-minute film produced by The Lancaster Patriot and Bold Oaks Media

To learn more about the Amos Miller story, read the following articles from The Lancaster Patriot:

August 11, 2022: Miller’s Organic Farm: Fighting for Sustainability by Michael Yoder

August 12, 2022 (Editorial): The Nanny State Will Tell You What to Eat by Chris Hume

August 23, 2022: Amos Miller Seeks Compromise on Farm Case as Tucker Carlson Takes Up His Struggle by Michael Yoder

August 31, 2022: Donations for Amos Miller Pour in As Lawyers Seek a Compromise by Michael Yoder

September 7, 2022: Court Dismisses One Case in Amos Miller Saga as Another Proceeds by Michael Yoder

September 8, 2022 (Editorial): An Assault on Loving Neighbor: The Case of Amos Miller by Chris Hume

Grass-fed cows graze at Miller’s Organic Farm in Upper Leacock Township. (Jeffrey Kauffman/Bold Oaks Media)

On August 24, local pastor Joel Saint joined The Lancaster Patriot managing editor Chris Hume to discuss the Amos Miller story.

The Lancaster Patriot Podcast #31: Amos Miller vs. the Federal Beast (feat. Joel Saint)

To donate to Miller’s Organic Farm: click here.

Please consider contacting your elected officials and urge them to support and defend Amos Miller’s right to sell food to his private buying club members.

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