Thursday, July 11, 2024


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Scattering the Sheep by Chris Hume:

The Sound Doctrine of Theocracy by Luke Saint:

Seven Statist Sins by Chris Hume:

Reviews of The Sound Doctrine of Theocracy

Charl van Wyk:The book is an intellectually stimulating and well-researched exploration of a complex and multifaceted subject. The bottom line is that all governments are theocratic; the only question to consider is, which ‘god’ do they serve? This book provides readers with valuable insights into the dynamics of applying God’s Law, in the socio-political arena, today! This is where the debate should be.”

5-Star Amazon Review: “If Christians found themselves in a situation where they had the opportunity to start a nation, would they do the same thing the founders did at America’s birth? The Scripture is the only rule of faith and practice, sufficient for all things in life and godliness. Luke Saint attempts to apply the scriptures to the civil realm and asks thought-provoking questions of our modern system. Is our current system just according to God’s standard?”

Reviews of Seven Statist Sins

Rev. Dr. Joseph Boot: “Chris Hume has a delivered a refreshingly direct, accessible and practical discussion of the prevailing statist mentality in the West, clearly calling out the sins that have so easily entangled our age. This is no despairing jeremiad, however; Chris displays a confident assurance in the present reign and ultimate triumph of the Lord Jesus Christ and His kingdom over all the earth, acknowledging that even if America continues to slide into apostasy, God will raise up other nations to follow after His law word, so that the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. A powerful antidote to modern evangelicalism’s pious political ‘neutrality’ and concomitant retreatist defeatism.”

John Bingaman: “I can always count on Chris to follow through. In his book, Vote Christian, he makes his case without equivocating. In Essential Service he doesn’t mince words about the wisdom of church shutdowns during government hysteria. In this latest work, Seven Statist Sins, Chris again leaves no doubt about where he stands regarding the civil government’s so-called authority to do much of what it does. What’s more, he leads his readers through Scripture to back up his contentions. This useful little book helps clarify the malaise many feel when trying to digest today’s news. Too bad he stopped at seven.”

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